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About Stephanie

About Stephanie Catt
My coworkers would tell you I’m even-keeled, always calm, never get upset. My kids would tell you different. My mother and sister think my emotions are tightly sealed. My husband can confirm otherwise. Depending on which one you ask, my friends would say She’s got it together, She’s up for anything, She’s a crybaby, She’s a smartass. She’s a tad snobby.

I would say everyone is right – I’m all of these things at some point. I have learned that everyone has a different perspective of who you are depending on how they interact with you.

What I can tell you with 100% clarity is that I absolutely love taking photos, and I have ever since I picked up my first SLR in college, oooh so long ago. After taking every photography course available and running the university darkroom, I kept photography as a hobby until recently when many close friends urged me to make a serious go of it.

So here I am.

My alter ego is a writer in an ad agency in Philadelphia, a mom to 10- and 12-year-old girls and has been married for over 15 years.

Most importantly, I am incredibly humbled that you are interested in hiring me to capture your portraits.

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