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Someone asked me recently why I care about photographing families and children. I could have given a few different reasons:

  • I love meeting new people.
  • I love the instant gratification of seeing images right away.
  • I thrive on the families’ reactions when they see their images.

But, really, what drives me to push forward with this business, is that I believe we need to preserve memories.

1 reason family portraits are important is because it is your family history.

Four siblings by Haverford Duck Pond

I’m guilty of taking my family for granted. But one day, those people won’t be here. That day could even be as soon as tomorrow. We can’t predict anything.

I care about photographing people because I want to preserve their memory to be carried on.

I do it for my own family. Sometimes, actually most times, I see events through my camera because I want to preserve it. It’s almost an obsession. I want to be able to see it again when I’m old and my children have grown. I want my kids to be able to see themselves when they were young. I want their children to see them when they were young. And if, something that’s even hard to type, ever tragically happened and they were no longer here, I want them to live on in their portraits. I want to remember them.

Leave a legacy through family portraits.

Family portrait by Haverford Duck Pond

I have images of my grandparents when they were courting. It’s wild to see my heritage. My kids get a kick out of old images of me and my husband. Hell, I get a kick out of those images. The 70s clothing was atrocious! We came across videos I had taken of my girls when they were toddlers. The girls could NOT stop watching them. I was mesmerized by little things like how much my youngest was talking at such an early age, and how much my older one tried to act like the baby. Everything was so much clearer!

So what should you do? Take more photos. Take video. And most importantly, don’t leave the images on the computer. Put them in an album or have them printed in a book. Or, put them in frames!

Of course, you could also hire a professional photographer, like myself. You’ll have professional family portraits for your walls and your story will be preserved in an album you can pass down.

If you are considering a professional photographer, I would love to talk to you about your family and preserving your memories. To contact me about booking a session, click the Contact link above or fill out the contact form. I hope to hear from you!



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I am attracted to family and children portraits that show personality and emotion. These are the images that make you feel something. They tell a story or give you a glimpse into a story – a genuine portrait.

Here are my most favorite portraits from 2013 (you may recognize many of them already). I wonder what you feel when you look at them.

If you want real portraits of your family and children, book a session now. To find out about specials and availability be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

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Capturing real-life newborn portraits is important to me. This time in your life is a blur of sleepless nights, feedings, diaper changings, and trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. It’s my job to help you remember this time.

I have been shooting this gorgeous family for quite some time…. It happened almost accidentally. Mom helped me with a local wedding shoot, so as a favor I shot her daughter. A maternity and newborn session later we’ve got a year and a half under our belts!


Mom in nursery with newborn
Mom laying next to newborn
Newborn boy on mom
Mom daughter and newborn
Big sister with newborn brother
Newborn Baby Yawn
Newborn on bed sleeping
Family Portrait with Newborn on Bed
Dad and newborn smiling
Newborn feet
eSleeping Newborn in Gray Pants
Newborn sleeping with gray hat

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People don’t generally like having their photo taken. They feel awkward, self-conscious, and can’t really relax. It’s hard! About a year ago, I came across a technique to evoke natural expressions from people during their photo session.  Who doesn’t want a genuine portrait that actually gives a glimpse into a relationship? A REAL portrait. To me, that’s the whole point of a portrait. Not the perfectly posed, “say cheese” portraits. They can look nice but they don’t “say” anything about the couple or family.

So I finally decided to take the training for this particular technique. Our final assignment was to shoot a session. This session…

I asked a couple who I’d never photograph before to stand in as models. They ended up cancelling at the last minute due to illness. Since my assignment was due that weekend I needed to get to work! Thankfully, my friends stepped in to save the day.
Hugging in the love
This type of session is not meant for everyone. You need to be mentally and emotionally open to the experience. It is an emotional journey. For this assignment, the husband had no idea what he was walking into, which caused some challenges. This type of session involves letting down your personal walls so you can experience it with your partner. Unfortunately, he could not forget that I was there. There were moments of connection, but they were fleeting.
Sealed with a kiss
Peaceful moment in front of a pine tree
Giggling moment
It was very cold this day so the coats were on and hands were jammed into pockets. Not conducive for our lovely, intimate session. I still managed to get some emotion.
Telling secrets
Favorite thing about your wife
We still had lots of laughs, even though I heard no secrets. It was special and only between them.
Genuine image of couple
Couple hugging portrait
Of course, what’s most important is that their children will have these images of their parents forever. Hopefully, their grandchildren will see these too. Imagine that!
How much I love you
My assignment critique provided some very insightful help for future images. So I’m very excited to book a few more sessions for play! If you’re interested in experiencing a Beloved session, please send me an email. I will be conducting a limited number at a discounted session rate.

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My dad’s side of the family is large. He is the first of 7 siblings, which makes me the first of 16 grandchildren. My oldest daughter is the first of 9 great grandchildren. I’ve lost count of the full total, but believe me when I say, when we all converge on the beach for our annual summer vacation, it’s quite the village of tents and umbrellas!

Even with all these cousins, I feel very flattered when they ask me to photograph their growing family. Here is Baby N, #9 of the great grandchildren, special appearance by Bailey the baby licker!

Family portrait in front of window
The little guy doesn’t know what to make of all the fuss. I love going into homes and finding great light. This window seat was perfect – every photographer’s dream. I look forward to going back as little N hits milestones – this window seat will be getting a lot of attention!
Dog and Family Portrait

You never know how a pet will react to a new baby, or even a stranger. So it was a relief when Bailey didn’t keep me at bay. Plus, when most new parents wouldn’t let the dog near the new baby, the C Family were perfectly relaxed. Bailey loves licking at Baby N, especially his new little ears!

Baby Looking at Dad
Parents Looking at Baby
Dog licking baby
Baby watching parents
I love these two images. I love peeking over the parents shoulders and the clean, white purity of it.
baby portrait with blue blanket
Parents watching baby in crib
baby in crib
Okay, the image below, is that not the sweetest smile ever? What is he dreaming about??
Sweet Baby Portrait

I just love shooting newborns. It takes so much more time, but there is just something about it. Maybe it’s being around new parents (Now that I’m an experienced parent 🙂 ).  Maybe it’s the peacefulness of it (from my perspective). Whatever it is, I don’t want to stop. Bring me your babies! You can see more babies here by clicking here.

If you want to capture the precious little bits of your newest family member, book a session now. Babies change by the hour!
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